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Communication Software

All  Testing Machines can be equipped with one of two closed loop servo controllers. MTESTQuattro®, our most advanced testing controller, is a PC-based unit that offers a wide range of flexibility in control, data acquisition, analysis, and reporting. The eP2 Digital Controller, a standalone touch panel unit, offers a balance between performance and simplicity. Both controllers feature 8 kHz servo update periods and programmable log rates to 1 kHz.


Unlike the MTESTQuattro and eP2 controllers, load indicators cannot control testing machines. Simply connect the DFG, GaugeBuster 3, or Pi indicator with a load cell or pressure transducer to a machine capable of compressing or pulling materials, components, and devices to measure their live and peak load/stress.


GaugeSafe Communication software is available with indicators for users who need to store and export their test data to a PC.