eP2 Digital Controller

eP2 | Standalone Touch Panel Controller


The eP2 Digital Controller, a closed loop servo controller for tension and compression machines, is an inexpensive and easier to use alternative to PC/Windows based materials testing systems. It is a presettable unit that requires a minimum amount of training. The eP2 features load and crosshead position inputs plus enhanced closed-loop servo capabilitites for accurate and repeatable testing.

  • Indicate load, position, and position rate during tests and active test results
  • Save and recall six test methods
  • Password protected supervisor/operator modes
  • Calculate key parameters
  • Selectable high and low limits for each paramters for pass/fail indication
  • Calculate high, low, mean and standard devation for a group of tests
  • Store up to 300 test results to permanent memory
  • Selectable log rates from 0.5 to 1,000 samples per second accomodates long and short term tests
  • All test methods have on pre-test control segment which can be used as a pre-load function
  • Configure up to a 2 segment test profile
  • Use the cycle between segments function to perform cyclic tests or displacment limits




Interface PC Software Touch Panel
Analysis Extensive calculations library with built-in ASTM/ISO specification analysis. Standard calculation package for basic testing requirements and QC testing.
Test Procedures Use built-in or create an unlimited number of simple to complex procedures. Save up to six test procedures in eP2.
Reporting Store and organize all data. View and print user customizable test reports with chart and tables. Post test, view current results on eP2 screen and send data to PC for reporting using optional GaugeSafe Software.