DC1x Digital Fatigue Controller

DC1x | Digital Controller


The DC1x Controller is a single-channel PID servo controller that provides AC, DC and quadrature encoder transducer conditioning, basic function generation, hydraulic pressure control, and a servo valve driver circuit. A four line display and 24 key tactile keypad provides an easy-to-use interface for creating test setups and adjusting control parameters during test. The DC1x includes a USB link to ADMET’s GaugeSafe software used for viewing and editing setups, viewing waveforms and peak/valley/cycle data real-time on a Windows based computer. The GaugeSafe software is included with each DC1x and also allows users to store waveform and peak/valley/cycle data to disk in ASCII delimited format for easy import into common spreadsheet programs.


The DC1x controller is a cost-effective solution for basic cyclic fatigue testing applications. It is compatible with all ADMET servo-hydraulic and electro-mechanical dynamic test systems and can also be retrofitted to a wide variety of testing systems from other providers.

  • Waveform Type: Sine, Square or Triangle
  • Control Channel: Force or Position
  • Amplitude, Set Point, Frequency (40Hz Max)
  • Number of Cycles
  • Travel to Set Point & Travel to Zero Speed
  • Position Jog Rate
  • PID, Amplitude and Set Point Control Gains
  • Max/Min Force & Position Limits
  • Under Peak and Over Valley Limits
  • Limit Actions: Ignore, Hold Set Point, Turn System ON/OFF when limits are tripped
  • and more!




Interface PC Software Touch Panel
PC Software (optional)
Analysis Extensive calculations library with built-in ASTM/ISO specification analysis Data is exportable to ASCII delimited file which allows import into common analysis applications
Test Procedures Use built-in or create an unlimited number of simple to complex procedures Create or load one test procedure at a time in DC1x, other procedures can be stored via computer
Reporting Store and organize all data. View and print user customizable test reports with chart and tables View live data on DC1x screen or PC screen using optional GaugeSafe software