Gauge Buster 3 Indicator

Gauge Buster 3 | Advanced Indicator


Gauge Buster 3 is a third generation American-made digital indicator for determining the mechanical properties of materials in tension, compression or flexure. Gauge Buster 3 has the versatility to perform a wide variety of material and product tests plus the accuracy to be paired with a load cell and used as a calibration standard. It is offered in a compact rugged enclosure and includes features unique to the Gauge Buster family such as Auto-Test-Reset mode for hands free operation, bar graph load rate display, permanent storage of test data and easy transfer of results into database programs. Its accuracy, which exceeds ASTM E4, ease-of-use and ruggedness result in a system of unrivaled price/performance.


The new Gauge Buster 3 indicator allows longer data logging sessions with 20,000 data points per channel, an improved analog front end with digital filter for finer measurement resolution for a broader E4 force calibration range and better accuracy at the low end of a force range.


In addition to a USB port, Gauge Buster 3 also includes a db9 I/O port with digital output for pump shutoff on sample break or over-range and an RS232 serial port. The serial port transmits test results automatically at the end of each test and can also accept data transmitted from barcode readers stored in the specimen ID number field.

Gauge Buster 3 optional add-ons include:


  • Encoder channel input to measure displacement. Live displacement and displacement rate values can be viewed on the indicator display. The recorded displacement data can also be viewed real-time and uploaded post test to GaugeSafe software.
  • Rechargeable battery pack for up to 20 hours of continuous operation between charges. If purchased, the battery pack is mounted internally in the enclosure and will use the same power inlet port as the non-battery unit for charging.


GaugeSafe Communication software is available for users who need to store and export their test data to a PC.

  • Display Live Load, Maximum Load, Live Stress and Maximum Stress numerically.
  • Indicate Load/Stress Rate numerically or with a bar graph. The bar graph rate pointer moves between limits. Adjust the upper and lower rate limits depending on the testing requirements. Ex: ASTM C39 28-42 psi/sec.
  • Activate average load rate analysis to calculate and report actual test speeds.
  • Select between force units of lbf, N, kN, kg and stress units of psi, MPa, KPa, ksc.
  • Define specimen geometries as cylinder, cube, beam center point loading, beam-3rd point loading, round and general area.
  • Activate/De-Activate Cylinder ASTM C39 correction factor.
  • Define cylinder break type according to ASTM C39.
  • Perform beam tests according to ASTM C78 and C293.
  • Store up to 2,000 test results to permanent memory. Results include: Date, Time, Specimen ID#, Maximum Load, Maximum Stress, Average Load Rate plus a statistical summary of each.
  • Additional test information fields and calculations which the operator can activate and include with the results are: Operator ID#, Specimen Weight, Specimen Age and Cylinder Cap Type and Yield by Halt of the Pointer calculation.
  • Pair a barcode reader (option) with the GB3 and accurately and effortlessly enter the Specimen ID# prior to each test.
  • Store up to 6 test methods to permanent memory. Test methods enable the user to define and store cylinder, beam and cube test procedures to memory. With the press of a key they can be quickly recalled for efficient testing.
  • Activate Auto-Store to automatically store the results of each test.
  • Auto-Test-Reset is standard and automatically enables the indicator for the start of the next test without requiring operator interaction.
  • Define and detect the end of test with the Sample Break Detector. Use the GB3 digital output to turn the testing machine pump motor off at sample break.
  • Transmit via USB port XY data, test results and calibration data to a remote computer running ADMET’s optional GaugeSafe software.
  • Automatically transmit at the end of each test via the GB3 RS232 serial port test results or recorded XY data.
  • An optional position channel can be purchased to measure displacement/deflection/extension.
  • Increased log data buffer size from 15,000 to 20,000 data points per channel.
  • Certify your testing machine to lower ASTM E4 force values with the GB3s lower noise analog front end and digital filter.