i720 Digital Indicator


  • Simultaneously displays both live load and rate of load
  • Designed for the harshest laboratory environments with a moisture/dust proof case
  • Accuracy of ± .5% of indicated load
  • Made in the USA









The i720 is an easy to use digital load indicator that simultaneously displays both live load and rate of load values during a test, eliminating the need to toggle keys between functions, and automatically displays peak load and average rate of load at the end of a test.


All test information is clearly displayed on the indicators 5.3″ (135 mm) wide 240 x 64 pixel backlit V.G.A. liquid crystal display module with adjustable contrast settings. Test data is displayed in user selectable engineering units of lbs, kN, kg and N with rate of load displayed in force units per second.


For test documentation it will store up to 600 tests in memory, and transfer them directly into a word document or spreadsheet file with the optional USB Able Cable. Stored test data includes; test date and time, sample ID number, peak load and average rate of load. The average rate of load calculation is based on the average load rate applied to the sample during the second half of the test.


Built for the harshest laboratory environments, all of its internal electrical components are protected in a NEMA-4 rated water/dustproof stainless steel enclosure, making it an ideal choice for mobile field laboratories where excessively high humidity levels are present. Its approvals and listing are NEMA-4, UL, CUL, CE and Measurement Canada.


It features smooth and uniform control of load pacing rates through its high speed sampling rates and digital filtering. Accuracy exceeds ASTM C39 and E4 requirements and is achieved through a calibration program with 7 linearization points, and in general is better than ± .5% of indicated load from 1% to full machine capacity. Its calibration program is password protected. Power requirements 115/230V/50/60HZ/1 Ph.


Unit dimensions with mounting bracket are: 12″ (305 mm) wide,
9.66″ (245 mm) high x 5.25″ (133 mm) depth with bracket base.


The i720 is available as a retrofit package for field installation.


Model No. TM-720 Digital Load Indicator