DFG Concrete Indicator

DFG | Concrete Indicator


The DFG Concrete Indicator is the ideal instrument for conducting consistent and accurate testing on concrete cylinders and beams and cement cubes in accordance with AASHTO and ASTM standards. The indicator’s simple, easy-to-use interface increases efficiency and minimizes user error.


The DFG Concrete Indicator offers two modes of operation: Full Mode and Quick Mode. In Full Mode, operators have maximum flexibility in terms of defining test parameters. In Quick mode the user specifies the specimen geometry and size only. Pre-defined settings in accordance with ASTM/AASHTO standards are then automatically loaded in the DFG program memory


Additional features include an auto-test-reset mode, bar graph load rate display, permanent storage of test data, and easy transfer of results to database programs. Communication with computer systems is achieved with The GaugeSafe Data Exchange software.

  • Top line displays the active test method and either force or stress value
  • Lower line displays testing rate as either a bar graph or numerically while the test is running
  • After test completes results are displayed numerically.
  • Reports: Maximum Force, Maximum Stress, Specimen Geometry, Specimen Dimensions, Date, Time and Specimen Number.
  • Includes dual operating modes:
    • Full Mode: Allows full access to all operating parameters
    • Quick Mode: Uses ASTM/AASHTO predefined parameters:
      • ASTM C39 Compressive Strength of Concrete Cylinders
      • ASTM C78 Flexural Strength of Beams-3pt Loading
      • ASTM C109 Compressive Strength of Cement Mortars
      • ASTM C293 Flexural Strength of Beams-Center Loading
      • ASTM C496 Splitting Tensile Strength-Concrete Cylinders
  • Auto Test/ Reset starts next test without operator action
  • Password protection of operation and calibration
  • Four calibration tables stored in permanent memory. Up to 5 calibration points with piecewise linear fit per table for maximum accuracy. Enables multiple transducers or load frames to be used with one DFG Indicator.
  • Test parameters stored in memory. Ideal for quickly switching between types of tests and samples(6×12 cylinders, 4×8 cylinders, 2 inch cubes or beams)
  • Real-time numeric or graphical display of testing rate. User selectable units of force per minute, force per second, stress per minute, stress per second. This feature provides feedback to the operator to adjust the test rate in accordance with ASTM requirements.
  • Activate and report additional test report parameters including:
    • Average Rate of Loading (automatically calculated by the DFG)
    • Operator ID (operator entered value)
    • Specimen Weight (operator entered value)
    • Specimen Age in days since cast (operator entered value)
    • Cylinder Break Type (selected from list of ASTM C39 break types)
    • Cylinder Cap Type (selected from list)
    • Cylinder Correction Factor (automatically calculated by the DFG)
  • Store up to 1,000 test results to permanent memory
  • Raw XY data buffer for logging of test data to memory. The XY data stored in the buffer can be used to:
    • Upload the XY data to a Windows computer via the standard USB computer port for viewing in the optional ADMET GaugeSafe Data Exchange Software.
  • Includes digital output which can be used for machine shutdown for over load safety or unloading at specimen break