TS17 Touchscreen Load Indicating System


Test Mark is proud to introduce the TS17 touchscreen digital load indicating system for concrete compression testing machines.


The controller’s 7” full color waterproof screen uses large, easy-to-read, alphanumeric characters to simultaneously display live load, sample stress, and rate of loading for clear and easy monitoring of the test in progress. At sample failure it calculates and displays peak stress and automatically stores all test data to provide detailed reports of all collected data in both tabular and graphic formats.


For hard copy test documentation, up to 1,000 tests can be stored in the controller’s memory and can be transferred through a USB flash drive or Ethernet port directly to a server.


The controller’s fingertip touchscreen control and user friendly menu-driven prompts allow an operator to simply touch the screen to open a test function, or enter a numeric value to set test parameters.


Set up menus include:


  • Sample type menu: Select sample type and enter its dimensions. Present sample types are: Cylinder C39; Cube C109; beams, both third point and center point loading C78 and C293; cylinder splitting tensile strength C496; Static modulus of elasticity and Poisson’s ratio C469; And cross-sectional area.
  • Engineering units menu: Load units lbs., kN, N, and kg; stress units psi, ksf, kPa, MPa, and kg/cm2; and size units inch, mm, and cm.


The controller’s accuracy exceeds ASTM C39 and E4 requirements, which is achieved through a password protected calibration program with ten linearization points, and is generally better than ±.5% of indicated load from 1% to full machine capacity. The controller has two load calibration channels, allowing it to control two testing machine load frames and two strain calibration channels for use with an optional Compressometer/Extensometer.


The TS17 is also available as a retrofit package for field installation.